Trireme war ship

The Odysseia was originally a commercial boat; she was designed as a replica of the ancient Greek Pentikondoros. Captain Giorgos a Spartan had an original idea, to create an ancient Greek warship. He believed that Lefkada was the ancient Ithaca, his conviction compelled him to carry out the work locally in Vlicho, Lefkada.
Together with his faithful companion Argos, his dog, Captain Giorgos lived his dream as he became totally engrossed in the project and was rarely seen away from the Odysseia. Many years later he found he also had a hidden talent of conversing with the local sea gulls, locals would spot him calling the gulls to the ship.

Time passed quickly and some of the tasks he was no longer physically able to undertake himself, finances had dwindle and he slowly and sadly realized that his dream of sailing the Odysseia was not possible. Many years later he sold the Odysseia to three brothers from the island of Skiathos. OdysseasForeseeing however, that they would not able to maintain the boat for a long time.

Captain Giorgos asked the brothers that when the time came to put the Odysseia on the market they would make one promise and sell only to a Lefkadian. Captain Giorgos strongly believed that the Odysseia belonged in Lefkada. And, so it was that 5 years later they found, sadly that they were forced to part with the boat and decided that they should advertise locally, in desperate need of moving forward quickly they could not see how they could keep their promise and sell only to a Lefkadian.
Amazingly, in answer to the advertisement, Gerasimos and his two brothers went to meet the owners and see the Odysseia. Surprise and wonder was felt by everyone, as they all discovered the significance of the Lefkadian brothers, and so it was meant to be that Gerasimos and his two brothers Mariedo paints Odysseia were to become the new owners and take the Odysseia to their homeland, Lefkada.

Gerasimos and Captain Giorgos friendship grew from their deep admiration of history and Ancient Greece, discovered they were united in their belief that this area is the original Ithaca, were also connected with their mutual dream of sailing the Odysseia. Some say, and have witnessed Gerasimos now calling the gulls with the same gift.

Gerasimos after many years at sea, with several boats accredited to the family name decided that the Odysseia was his calling, a mission that Odysseascould become his profession and so in agreement with the brothers, with the backing of his wife Mariedo and children he decided to independently fulfill the Odysseia journey and complete the project. Many years in the boat yard of Vlicho, hours of hard work, sorrow, anguish and despair did not prevent Gerasimos and Mariedo, their devotion and dedication proved to be invaluable, an outstanding achievement and the outcome can be experienced today.

Captain Gerasimos and his family are delighted in the fact that they can offer to you a place in history when you join them for a extraordinary day, which will be etched on your minds forever.